• Man with camera crashes through ceiling of women's bathroom


    A man who police said was hiding from police fell through the ceiling of a women’s bathroom at a Seattle college while holding a camera.


    It started on Wednesday morning when police got a call about a man with a pocketknife trying to pry his way into the bathroom of a fast-food restaurant near Seattle Central Community College.


    When workers called police, the man fled to the college campus, police said.


    Witnesses told police they thought he went into the women's restroom, but no one could find him until student Joy Estill entered the third-floor bathroom at 11 a.m.


    “I heard a crack.  When I headed toward the door, the ceiling started falling down.  At first I thought he was a worker, so I asked, ‘Do you need help?’” said Estill.


    The man plunged to Estill’s feet.


    Estill said she thought the man must be a maintenance worker until she saw that he was holding a camera.


    “So I asked, ‘Do you need help? Then I saw a camera in his hand. (I thought) ‘You're not a worker, and you've got a camera, and you're crashing through the women's ceiling?’   Oh, my God,” said Estill.


    Student Ryan Worden said he was passing by when he heard the commotion.


    “Just as I turned around, the ceiling tiles in the women's restroom exploded and this dude falls down onto the floor and I was like ‘holy ...’” said Worden.


    When he realized the man had a camera, Worden took action.


       “I was like, ‘Dude, you're not going anywhere,’ right?” said Worden.  “Then he started trying to run away and I said, ‘You're not going anywhere.’  And I grabbed him and pushed him against the wall,” said Worden. “I took him down, put him in a hammer lock and pinned him there.”


     Worden and other students held the man until police arrived, imagining what the man was trying to do in the bathroom with a camera.


     “So this man is a habitual bathroom pervert. Get him some mental health,” said Estill.


    “It doesn't look good -- a guy hiding in a bathroom with a disposable camera,” said Worden.


    A police spokesman said he's still reviewing the report and is not sure of the charges the man might face.   He remains in jail.

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