• Former UCLA player talks about downward spiral from Lewis County Jail


    CHEHALIS, Wash. - A man who once played football for UCLA, traveled the world and had a large inheritance talked to KIRO 7 South Sound Bureau Chief Richard Thompson from the Lewis County Jail about how his life went awry.


    Thompson had been at the jail on Monday doing a story about a man accused of leading police on a high-speed chase when he discovered interesting information about the man’s background.


    That man, Josh Martin, was playing for UCLA when he got a back injury that led to an addiction to painkillers, he told Thompson.


    “I had everything in the world going for me. I have a college degree. I played college football,” said Martin.


    Martin said the pills led to heroin, methamphetamine and the downward spiral of his life.


    “I got to taking so many pills it was crazy,” said Martin.


    Lewis County deputies said that on the weekend, Martin threatened a man with a gun, hit a Lewis County deputy's car and crashed his own brand-new Lexus trying to outrun the police.


    Prosecutors said Martin had a water bottle with a hidden compartment with him.  Inside, deputies found a large quantity of heroin and methamphetamine, police said.


    “This is such a terrible place to be. I would never wish anybody to have to be in these cement walls,” said Martin.


    Martin didn't want to discuss the current charges against him, but he said when it comes to the consequences of his drug addiction, there is only one person to blame.


    “I fully blame myself.  I can’t blame anybody else, really.  Just stupid stuff, you know,” said Martin.  “I just lost everything I had.  It’s kind of a hopeless feeling.”


    Martin told Thompson he hopes he can quit drugs and do something positive with his life.


     When Thompson asked Martin if he was ready to do that, he only said "maybe."

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