Driver runs motorcyclist off road, leaves her injured in ditch



PUYALLUP, Wash. - A motorcyclist has months of recovery ahead after she was run off a road near Orting in what she said was a road rage altercation.


Denise Carmichael-Carlton said she was riding her motorcycle on Friday afternoon when the trip took a dangerous turn.


“'Crotch rockets' they call them.  I prefer 'sport bike,'” said Carmichael-Carlton.


While on a straightaway,  she passed a red car.


“When I pass I wave or put my hand up and do a peace sign.   They got all upset because I passed them,” said Carmichael-Carlton.


She said the red car got closer and closer.


“I’m going, ‘Get off me,’” said Carmichael-Carlton.


As  she was approaching a curve around 270th Street and Orville Road East,  the car then hit her back tire.


“They left me flying through the air, my bike flying through the air, and didn’t even stop to see if I was hurt or if I was even alive,” said Carmichael-Carlton.


Carmichael-Carlton is convinced the incident was the result of road rage.


“This was vindictive and hateful.  The red car intentionally ran me off the road,” said Carmichael-Carlton


She had her cellphone, called 911, and then crawled out of the ditch with her body broken and bruised.


“Both ankles are broken and my leg is broken,” said Carmichael-Carlton.  “I can guarantee they didn’t know it was a 52-year-old woman with cartoons tattooed on her arms.”


Doctors said it will be at least three months until she can walk again.  She’s now recovering in Puyallup.


“I’m a mom, I’m a partner, and I’m 52 years old.  I don’t ride like a maniac,” said Carmichael-Carlton.


Carmichael-Carlton said she hopes the driver who’s responsible will come forward.


“The only way he’s going to get caught is if he’s bragging to his friends,” said Carmichael-Carlton.


Investigators ask anyone who was driving on Orville Road East on Friday and may have seen anything to call the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office.