• Court docs: Accused Folklife shooter apologizes, says 'yaks' comment started fight


    SEATTLE - The man accused in Saturday’s shooting at the Northwest Folklife Festival has apologized to police and said he was aiming for someone else, according to court records obtained Tuesday.

    Ryan Burr was an innocent bystander when an argument between rival gang members led to the shooting. He was hit in the leg and was not seriously injured.

    The suspect in the case, 19-year-old William Diaz, is in jail on $500,000 bail.

    According to court documents, Diaz apologized for the shooting to police and said he was shooting at someone who had hit him in the head with a skateboard. Diaz said the altercation started when that person asked Diaz if he was from “yaks” or “yanks.” Diaz said he didn’t know what that meant and ignored the man.

    Diaz has seven misdemeanor convictions, including one for domestic violence assault.

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