Controversial mayor of Pacific arrested by own police force


PACIFIC, Wash. - The controversial mayor of the city of Pacific was arrested by his own police force Thursday.

Mayor Cy Sun was taken into custody for trying to get into the locked city clerk’s office.

Hours after Sun was arrested, he said he was mystified by the allegations against him.

“As far as I’m concerned now, I’m innocent. I’m just running City Hall. I got nothing to hide. Why should I get no benefits?” Sun said.

Sun told KIRO 7 Eyewitness News reporter Gary Horcher he was falsely arrested and even insulted by members of his own police department.

The police department was protecting files in the office, and waiting for King County and state patrol investigators to look into allegations of criminal wrongdoing by Sun and the policedepartment. The allegations come from the city's clerk. 

“It’s my understanding that there’s some belief or allegation that some sort of documents were potentially destroyed, possibly by the mayor,” said Steve Strachan of the King County Sheriff’s Office.

KIRO 7 learned the documents may have been employee files. 

Since Sun won the mayoral election as a write-in candidate by 72 votes, seven city managers have either been fired or quit and have not been replaced. There are more allegations against Pacific police as well. 

"The first is an allegation of what she describes as criminal misconduct by the Pacific Police Department, in violation of police practices and procedures regarding treatment of in custody individuals," Strachan said. 

 KIRO 7 has learned attorneys are deciding whether Sun will have access to his own files.

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