2 victims in Seattle shootings had invited suspect into their home



SEATTLE - KIRO 7 learned Friday that two of the victims in the May 30 Seattle shootings had invited the gunman into their home two weeks ago.

Linda Albanese Paterik and her sister, Corinne Delange, talked to KIRO 7’s Deborah Horne about their younger brother, 52-year-old Joe Albanese. He and his best friend, Drew Keriakedes, as well as two others, were gunned down inside the espresso bar, which was, one of Albanese’s roommates said, an extension of their living room.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Paterik said. “I said, ‘No, it’s not true.’ But it is.”

Paterik and Delange said Albenese was a leather craftsman and gifted musician who they had watched perform several times at Café Racer.

They also talked about the unusual man Albanese and his wife had met there.

“We also found out that Drew, and Joe and Zoe had opened their home up to this man, tried to befriend him,” Delange said.

That man was Ian Stawicki, 40, who police said opened fire on patrons inside Café Racer on Wednesday and later fatally shot a woman in downtown Seattle.

Albanese’s and Keriakedes’ roommates said Stawicki came by about two Saturdays ago looking for Keriakedes. They invited him in and watched a movie.

Last week, Stawicki was back at Café Racer, talking about things that frightened him.

“And they realized he was just a little out of control, and they said, ‘You’re not – you can’t come back,’” Delange said.

People at Café Racer said they’re planning a memorial for Saturday, scheduled for just after noon. KIRO 7 will be there, too.