• Crews travel to East Coast to help restore power to those affected by Sandy


    SEATTLE - Seattle City Light crews are on their way to New York to help restore power to people who were hit by Hurricane Sandy.


    Fourteen workers left for the trip Saturday morning, including two line crews.


    Earlier this week, the East Coast was hit by Hurricane Sandy, which left hundreds of thousands without power for several days.


    About 550,000 people on Long Island are still in the dark, and the Seattle City Light crews are on their way to help with the outages.


    The workers prepared and loaded up for their flight to Long Island with the help of Air Force cargo planes at Joint Base Lewis-McCord.


    Their equipment includes two different types of trucks that can dig holes for utility poles, as well as string line.


    “These guys are going to be working their tails off.  It’s a lot of hard work. We want to represent the city of Seattle well,” said field operations supervisor Kevin McClaskey. “Going back East because if something like that happens here, there is mutual agreements that maybe Long Island Power would send some people to us.”


    They are expected to arrive in New York Saturday evening and are committed to helping out for two weeks.


    Another storm is expected to hit the region next week, so crews may stay in the area for two to three more weeks. 

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