• Hiker lost on Mount Rainier spends night, walks out


    MOUNT RAINIER NATIONAL PARK, Wash. - As crews were beginning to search for a missing hiker at Mount Rainier National Park, the man found his way out on his own Wednesday.

    The hiker is a 68-year-old Everett man who was reported missing overnight after not returning from a day hike.

    King said the hiker appeared to have been visiting the Kautz Creek area of the park located between the Nisqually entrance to the park and Longmire.

    The man’s truck was parked at the trailhead. Rangers searched two miles up and didn't find him.

    As authorities were bringing out more resources, including search dogs, the man found his way out.

    Though he wasn’t prepared to stay overnight, he hunkered down for the night and then found his way out back to the trailhead and his truck around noon.

    The hiker is reported to be OK.

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