• Crash victim looking for hit and run driver

    By: Lee Stoll


    LANGLEY, Wash. - A crash victim barely out of the hospital is pleading for people to help police find the driver who nearly killed him.

    "I'm feeling pain in more places," said Donald Shearer. The Sammamish husband and father is trying to wean himself off pain medication—which means he's feeling the full impact of seven broken bones, a broken clavicle and pulled muscles.

    "Their decision at that point was to leave me on the road dying," saidShearer. He was riding his scooter home from a Langley concert last month. His wife was on the same ferry in a car with a friend. Shearer rode off first. He crossed an intersection and was hit by a driver who kept going.

    "My suspicion is they understand how the ferries work and knew there would be a gap between the motorcycles and cars and didn't want to get stuck waiting for ferry traffic," said Shearer.

    Shearer bounced off the car and was dragged about 30 feet. He spent two weeks in the hospital—10 of those days in critical condition. Witnesses say Shearer was hit by a cream-colored Cadillac sedan, Detectives say they collected surveillance video from the ferry terminal showing that same kind of car.

    "It went from reckless driving to felony to hit-and-run and possibly other charges," said Mukilteo PD detective Lance Smith.

    "The people/person that was involved knows what they'd done," said Shearer. A witness called this morning to say they'd seen a temporary title sticker in the car window as if it had just been sold. Call Mukilteo PD if you have any information.

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