• Crash victim frustrated driver still free

    By: Lee Stoll


    MUKILTEO, Wash. - A jogger crushed by a suspected drunken driver is frustrated the man is still free.

     The last place Tyler Allen wants to be is in a hospital bed in his parents' Mukilteo home.

     "Sitting still is just tough. Tough," said Allen.

     The 23-year-old spent weeks in Harborview Medical Center as surgeons repaired broken bones and torn ligaments.

    He’ll be in leg splints, unable to walk, for another  two months.  A concussion wiped out any memory of what put him here.

     "I would like to have that picture in my head," said Allen.

     Mukilteo police say a pickup driver, seen speeding and swerving, plowed into Allen as he was out for a late-night run along Beverley Park Road.

    In daylight, it’s a popular neighborhood street.

     "There's a lot of moms walking their kids and stuff and a lot of schools that get dropped off in that area,"said Allen.

     Officers took a blood-draw from the driver, who we are told is a man in his 30s.  Results from the state crime lab can take up to  sixweeks.

     "If we arrest him right away the evidence that we need wouldn't be there," said Colt Davis with the Mukilteo Police Department.

     "It's crazy frustrating to me.," said Allen.

     For now, the driver is free, with no restrictions.

    Allen says he should be behind bars—since he’s trapped in bed.

     "He should be in trouble for what he has caused," said Allen.

     Once detectives have the blood results, the case will immediately be forwarded to the prosecutor for any charges.

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