• Craigslist sneaker sale leads to robbery at Northgate

    By: Amy Clancy


    SEATTLE - A man was robbed in broad daylight outside the Northgate Mall on July 27, and only KIRO 7 has uncovered the motive.

    Richard Hong of Seattle had posted on Craigslist days earlier about a pair of special Charles Barkley edition Nikes that he was selling for $350.

    On the morning of July 27, a potential buyer texted Hong. Wanting to be safe, Hong asked the would-be-buyer to meet him outside the Bed, Bath and Beyond at Northgate, "someplace public, somewhere that I thought would be safe," Hong told KIRO 7 Reporter Amy Clancy.

    The two met just after 3 p.m. on the crowded Saturday afternoon.

    Hong gave the would-be buyer one shoe to inspect. He then asked to see the other.

    "As soon as he got both shoes in his hands, he just took off," Hong remembered.

    Hong ran after the man who had grabbed his shoes, but backed-off immediately when, according to police documents, the suspect said he "had a gun and will shoot him if he follows."

    Hong immediately called Seattle police and a case was opened.

    Even though he's sold at least 10 pairs of sneakers on Craigslist, Hong probably won't do it again.

    "Your life isn't worth something like this, being hurt over a few hundred dollars," he said.

    If he does, Hong told Clancy, "I'll probably bring more than one person with me, to be honest."

    The police investigation is ongoing.

    Click here for advice from Craigslist for safe buying and selling.


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