• Courthouse shooter sentenced to 26 years

    By: Richard Thompson


    MONTESANO, wash. - A judge called Steven Kravetz delusional, dangerous, and a nuisance before sentencing him to 26 years in prison Friday.

    It was April 9, 2012, when Kravetz came to the Grays Habor County Courthouse acting in a suspicious manner. Deputy Polly Davin was called to check on Kravetz and he attacked the deputy. 

    During the struggle, Davin was stabbed.Grays Harbor Superior Court Judge David Edward came to Davin's rescue and was stabbed and slammed against a wall himself. 

    Kravetz was then able to get the deputy's gun and shot her before fleeing the courthouse.

    Court worker Rita Zastrow was feet away and witnessed the attack. She confronted Kravetz about his actions in court Friday before he was sentenced.

    “You dropped down on her body. You then raised up and shot her twice at point-blank range. I saw her body rise off the floor and ripple from the impact," she said.

    Zastrow said she then saw Kravetz break into a big smile when he believed he had killed the deputy. 

    "It was that horrible look of satisfaction when I knew I was in the presence of someone capable of taking a life with no remorse," she said.

    Lewis County Superior Court Judge Richard Brosey, who tried the case since the crime involved Grays Harbor court staff, told Kravetz, "None of this had to happen. Absolutely none of this had to happen." 

    Brosey told Kravetz he could have ran out the front door but instead chose to attack the deputy and the judge. The judge then sentenced Kravetz to 26 years in prison.

    Davin did not speak at the sentencing but told KIRO-7 she is relieved Kravetz will be off the street for a long time. 

    "It's nice to know that the public can be protected from him," said Davin.

    The Grays Harbor County Courthouse had gone 100 years as an open public building with no security. Since the shooting, however,the public is only allowed to enter the courthouse through a side door. Everyone must go through a metal detector and armed security officers are in the courthouse at all times.

    "Today the entire face of the courthouse has changed and will be changed forever," said Grays Harbor Sheriff Rick Scott.                

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