• Court rules opponents of Pacific mayor can move on recall


    PACIFIC, Wash. -  The mayor of the town of Pacific reacted to a boost in the drive to boot him out of office.

      The State Supreme Court on Thursday unanimously ruled that opponents can go ahead with a recall effort against Mayor Cy Sun.

     Sun is accused of abusing authority and was arrested for interfering with a crime scene.

      Sun's term runs until December 2015.

     Sun said he fought the recall drive as a matter of principle as he tried to reform Pacific's politics.

      In a statement he said, "The Supreme Court disagreed.  So, I will take my fight to the people."

     Sun said he is "confident the people will choose reform, as they did when I was elected as your mayor."

    Sun’s entire statement is below:

    I was elected by the people of the City of Pacific to serve their interests.  The people of Pacific will have an opportunity to decide whether they want me to keep fighting for them against the corruption, nepotism and cronyism that have been business as usual in City government for too long.  We have work left to do, and I will keep fighting for the people and against entrenched interests. 

    I permitted my lawyers to fight the recall effort because I thought there were important legal standards that should be considered by our Supreme Court.  In cases where an outsider like me fights against powerful interests and makes waves, recall efforts and smear tactics can be used to silence needed reforms. I thought it was important to argue for a legal standard that required a recall of an elected official to be built upon more than baseless allegations.  The Supreme Court disagreed.

    So, I will take my fight to the people.  I am confident the people will choose reform, as they did when I was elected as your Mayor.

    Mayor Cy Sun


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