• Couple facing extradition builds hidden bunker

    By: Amy Clancy


    Fugitives Radu Nemes and Diana Nemes were arrested at their home in Yelm last month on a formal extradition request submitted to United States authorities by the Romanian government.

    The couple was charged in Bucharest in 2012 for allegedly defrauding the eastern European government out of nearly $69 million.

    When the Nemes were taken into custody at their home on Vail Road Southeast, federal agents serving search warrants discovered a hidden bunker. Inside the bunker agents found a full kitchen, beds, extra clothes and enough food to feed an entire family for years, according to court documents.

    The Nemes entered the U.S. on visitor visas, which have since expired. They've been living in Yelm for more than a year and have reportedly joined JZ Knight’s School of Enlightenment.

    Since their arrest, the husband and wife have been held at the Federal Detention Center in SeaTac.  Radu Nemes is not fighting his detention, but his wife is. Diana Nemes is pregnant and in documents filed in U.S. District Court, she "argues her pregnancy would be jeopardized by a lengthy incarceration."

    However, attorneys with the U.S. government maintain Diana Nemes is a flight risk with access to millions of dollars in accounts hidden overseas and a bunker that would “still be available" to her "should she be released" with an "entrance controlled by steel doors which could be sealed from the inside."

    Diana Nemes will be in U.S. District Court Monday to argue for her release.

    The process to extradite the couple back to Romania continues.

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