• Couple accused of torturing teenage relative

    By: Alison Grande


    KITSAP COUNTY, Wash. - Police arrest Brandon Gunn and Viviana Warnock Gunn for abusing  Brandon’s brother who was living with them near Silverdale.

    Investigators say the couple tortured the teen routinely for hours at a time. Investigators say the teen was stapled, beaten, and burned. He was hung by his arms from the rafters, his hand put in a vice, he was locked for days- naked, in a dog carrier.

    He got the duct tape off his mouth and  chewed through the tape on his wrists and escaped when his brother was not home. Bremerton Police found him sleeping on a park bench on Friday. They could see he was severely wounded and rushed  him to Harrison Hospital in Bremerton. He told police what he’d been through. Detectives arrested Brandon and Viviana Gunn on Saturday morning and seized evidence from the house located near Island Lake.

    Neighbors were horrified to find out about the abuse. “We heard crying but I assumed it was the younger child off and on over there, “ said Janet Ladyman, who lives right next door.  “We had no idea that kind of thing was going on over there or we would have done something,” she added. Carole Glenn is the neighbor on the other side. She hopes the boy can recover.

    After he was released from Harrison Hospital he was taken into protective custody. Brandon and Viviana Gunn are in the Kitsap County Jail under investigation for assault, unlawful imprisonment and criminal mistreatment.

    The teen is from Georgia, he came to stay with his older brother. Relatives in Georgia became suspicious when the boy disappeared two weeks ago. They reported him missing.

    On Facebook, Viviana Gunn claimed to be worried about the teen’s safety when he disappeared. Investigators think the boy was afraid to go for help. When an officer approached him in a Bremerton park it was clear he needed medical care. Over the next several hours, the boy started talking about what he’d been through.

    Detectives served a search warrant at the house. Neighbor saw them carry out wood tables, plastic chairs, and the dog crate. The teen told police he was punished for not doing his chores properly or getting home on time.

    Brandon and Viviana Gunn had their first court appearance on Monday.  They are in the Kitsap County Jail, bail is set at $500,000 each.

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