Counterfeit cash found throughout Grays Harbor County


MONTESANO, Wash. - Counterfeit cash has been found throughout Grays Harbor County and police are looking for two persons of interest.


Banks in the area discovered the counterfeit cash had gone through at least three stores.


Surveillance video has been released showing two people slipping the bills to store clerks.


KIRO 7 Eyewitness News reporter Richard Thompson spoke with a clerk that had her store recently targeted.


“I think they are a bunch of idiots. They should be caught,” said store clerk Cathy Thomason. “Thieves, yeah, that’s all they are, are thieves. They need to be caught and I think they will be caught.”


Thomason works at the Dennis Company hardware store, and is angry that the two people in the surveillance video were able to pass a $100 bill at the store to buy a shovel and bug spray.


Another store clerk, Jeff Smith, said when the woman handed him the bill, he checked to see if it was counterfeit.


“I take the marker, and I mark it, and it comes back yellow, and if it comes back yellow, it’s usually not counterfeit,” Smith said.


The same two people were captured on surveillance using another counterfeit $100 bill at the Brady store. The same bills have been used at the Thriftway store and Shell Gas Station.


“They are making small purchases, and getting the $60 or $70 in cash after that and moving on,” said Chief Brett Vance of the Montesano Police Department.


The police department is now working with the Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Office in the investigation.


According to Vance, he needs to find the two people using the money in the surveillance video, and for now, he is calling them persons of interest.


It is possible the people in the video were unknowingly passing the counterfeit cash, but police need to find them to figure that out.


Anyone with information is asked to call the Montesano Police Department. 

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