• Cops: South Seattle man stole checks from mailboxes

    By: Kayla Lemmon , KIRO 7 staff


    A south Seattle man who police said rifled through mailboxes and stole checks, has been charged with trafficking stolen property, forgery, and drug possession dating back to last November.

    Shaun Luzama, 39, allegedly stole checks from the mail, forged names and the dates, and stole thousands of dollars from people throughout south Seattle.

    Checks from a church, a car wash, and other private parties went unnoticed at first, but the forgery spree ended at the Department of Social Health Services when a worker called police after feeling suspicious about a check that Luzama brought in.

    Police said the theft spree didn't stop at stolen checks.

    About the same time as the check forgeries, a man who had his storage unit robbed of sports memorabilia noticed his stolen goods on the shelves of a Renton sports store. After police were called, Luzama was linked to the crime and charged with stealing, and then selling, the stolen goods, according to court documents.

    "The main reason I'm selling these (sports) cards is I'm struggling," Luzama told police.

    He declined to talk with police about the suspected check forgery. Luzama is being held in King County Jail on $35,000 bail. His arraignment, where he's expected to enter a plea, is set for June 20.

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