Convicted killer heads back to prison for violent kidnapping


SHELTON, Wash. - A convicted killer and rapist will be heading back to prison for a new crime -- kidnapping a Mason County mother.


James Shelton, 55, was sentenced to 20 months in prison Monday in Mason County superior court in connection with a violent kidnapping in July.


Prosecutors said Shelton grabbed a 33-year-old woman off the sidewalk and tried to pull her into his pickup, but the woman fought back, bit Shelton and managed to escape.


In court Monday, the victim, who asked not to be identified, said she believed Shelton planned to rape and kill her. 


"He put me, my family and my kids in nothing but terror.  I’m completely terrified. I would never again walk alone and never let my kids walk alone,” she told the judge.


Shelton was convicted of murder in 1974.


According to Mason County Deputy Prosecutor Jason Richards, Shelton had targeted a 16-year-old girl in that case.


Richards told the judge, "She was both raped and strangled.”  


Shelton was paroled in 2010 before being convicted of second-degree kidnapping for the new attack. 


 “Mr. Shelton is a dangerous man and he should be locked up as long as possible,”  Richards told the judge.


In addition to the 20-month sentence, Shelton’s parole on the murder conviction will also be revoked. 


Prosecutors said Shelton will have to stay in prison for at least five more years before being granted a hearing to request release.


His latest victim said she plans to attend that hearing and argue against his release.


 “Shelton is mentally sick, he really is. I wish the man would never be out of prison again because he doesn’t deserve to be,” she said.

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