• Controversial Car2Go program includes limitless parking in restricted zones


    SEATTLE - A new car-share program allows drivers to park pretty much anywhere without feeding the meter.

    Although Car2Go's Smart cars are tiny, some business owners around Seattle told KIRO 7 Eyewitness News Reporter David Ham that they are taking up too much space.

    Alan Chan said that one of the cars was parked a two-hour spot in front of his restaurant in Magnolia for five days, taking away space on busy nights for his customers.

    Under an agreement with the Seattle Department of Transportation, all 330 Car2Go cars in Seattle can park in restricted parking zones without any time limits.

    Car2Go paid the city $1,300 per car, a year, for the permits.

    Members of the program don't have to feed the meter because parking, along with gas and insurance, is included in the 38 cents per minute fee.

    "If I want to go out for a night, I can just drive it to Ballard and park it and I'm done," said Dave Killian, Car2Go Member.

    SDOT told Ham that there are more than enough spots in the city to handle these cars and regular traffic.

    However, Car2Go said they still try to move the cars every day or two. They also said that they understand that people are still getting used to the concept, since the cars have only been around since last month.

    A phone number is on the back of each one of the cars. Car2Go said that people should call them if it appears that a car has been parked in one spot for too long.

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