• Congressman Reichert says he'll vote to open government

    By: Essex Porter


    Local Congressman Dave Reichert- (R) 8th District says he's ready to vote to reopen the government without any strings attached.

    Reichert's staff has so far refused to make him available for an on-camera interview, but pointed us to the comments he made on KIRO Radio this past weekend.

     Link: http://kiroradio.com/listen/9962286/   The conversation below begins at 02:13 into the interview.

     Radio Host Jason Rantz: "There are reports suggesting that there are enough Republicans in the caucus who are willing to end the shutdown without any negotiating with the President over Obamacare. Are you one of them?"

     Rep. Reichert: "Yeah, I think you know I’ve made statements before that all of the continuing resolutions that we’ve had, they’ve all been resolutions to open the government. I hope people understand that but they have had attachments to them. Whatever bill comes to the floor, that opens this government, I’m going to vote 'yes' on."

     Mr. Rantz: "So if John Boehner today put up a bill that was just a clean resolution you would support that?"

     Rep. Reichert: "Yes."

     Republican House Speaker John Boehner has so far refused to allow a vote on a bill to end the shutdown with no strings attached.

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