• Community holds fundraiser for 2-year-old girl's funeral


    The family of 2-year-old Sadie Rivera sits around a table in the Yakima County community of Union Gap.

    Strangers visit their yard sale and hand over $20 and $50 bills. That's often much more than the price of the secondhand items they're purchasing.

    Often, those minding the cash box are told to "keep the change."

    It's because Sadie was killed a week ago. She died in Selah while she was in the care of her mother's boyfriend.

    The coroner said there were crushing injuries to her chest.

    David Holbrook, 22, is now in jail and charged with second-degree murder.

    The child's mother doesn't have the money to pay for a funeral.

    Other relatives, like Mary Leach, have organized a three-day yard sale to raise the cash.

    More than a $1,000 have come in so far, along with hundreds of dollars worth of donated clothing, dishes and other household items.

    “It touches my heart. I cannot believe it," Leach said.

    The sale will continue for another day, Thursday, at 2810 Fourth Street in Union Gap.

    Sadie is scheduled to be buried on Friday.

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