• Cold water concerns on opening weekend of boating season

    By: Henry Rosoff


    SEATTLE - Police and parents have similar concerns this warm weather weekend: the water is still very cold.

    Harbor Patrol Officer Mark Mulvanny said he is worried about drunken boaters during opening weekend jumping in, shocking their systems, and going under. “The water’s still very cold right now,” Mulvanny said.  “People need to understand there are inherent risked with cold water.”

    Lynette Pullmann has similar concerns for her toddler as they played in Seward Park Friday.  She fears the water could be tempting to any youngster,  because it is warm so early this year. “We’re definitely aware of those things,” Pullmann said.  “We’re not putting him in the water yet.”

    Pullmann also said she plans to limit a planned hike for this weekend because authorities are warning about the potential for melting snow causing avalanches.

    Mulvanny is more concerned about an avalanche of drunken boaters. 

    The governor has said he will sign a tougher boating under the influence law that is already on his desk, but it will not be in time for police officers to take advantage of it this weekend.

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