• City of Seattle engineers closely watching for slides after heavy rain

    By: Henry Rosoff


    SEATTLE - City of Seattle engineer Jim Lee said if his team had not patched a slide at the end of Northeast Eighth Avenue weeks ago, there would have been trouble with this round of recent rain. 

    Workers used rock, gravel and hay to repair the slide that threatened a sewer line, two water mains and the only access road for a dozen homes.  Lee said if the slide took out the really big main, a large section of the city might have lost water for a time. 

    During the recent heavy rain, slides have created trouble outside the city limits.  The most notable one was Wednesday’s slide that leveled part of a house and closed part of the West Valley Highway for a time.

    It had rained enough as of Thursday afternoon to put the Snoqualmie River at flood stage and the Tolt River just below flood stage.  The rivers caused several flash floods along eastern King County roads.

    However, back in the Seattle, Lee and other engineers said the risk of slides has them most concerned.  He said most spots in the city are “way above” the threshold for slides.  The city warns people who live along hills to make sure their water systems appear to be draining properly and if they see something on a hillside that looks off, to call the city.

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