• City attorney sues building owners over signs

    By: Henry Rosoff


    Some big signs could get some business owners in big trouble.
    Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes said according to city law, building owners can only use the space on their building to advertise for services and goods sold inside.
    Monday, Holmes announced he is suing four building owners, including the owner of The Oxford Apartments, for having what he calls “sham signs” designed to skirt the city's billboard regulations.  On the side of the Oxford there is currently a sign for beer and another for travel.
    Another lawsuit was filed against now closed night club Noc Noc.  The owners are still making money using their ad space for a GoPro camera sign.
    There are two other buildings being sued by the city that KIRO 7 found currently in compliance with the law, advertising for the restaurants inside each.
    But a spokeswoman for Holmes showed KIRO 7 how a Garibaldi Restaurant sign was once a hard cider ad, and a Trago Restaurant sign used to be a Windows Phone ad.

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