• Church forced to sell property to pay off debt


    REDMOND, Wash. - A Redmond church is being told to sell its building and the land it sits on to pay off a big debt.

    The Washington Cathedral Church is making payments to its lenders to keep the 50,000-square-foot building on the property, but the church can’t afford to make payments so they are forced to liquidate everything.

    The church owes its lenders $14.5 million to keep the building how it is.

    KIRO 7 Eyewitness News reporter Gary Horcher spoke with the church’s pastor, Ray Diaz, who said the church is looking at the challenge as a blessing in disguise.

    “And it’s a difficult situation because the property has been a blessing, but at the same time, we have always (said), since the beginning, that the church isn’t the building, it’s not the location, it’s the people,” Diaz said.

    The church as a congregation will stay, but everything else is for sale. The congregation doesn’t know at this time where  it will move.

    The Washington Cathedral Church has been together for about 30 years at the location. Members believe being forced to sell out and move will ultimately be to their benefit because of the way real estate prices are going up. 

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