• 2 hurt, Christmas presents for needy families destroyed in Fife crash


    FIFE, Wash. - A woman and her daughter were injured, and many Christmas gifts for local families in need were ruined after a Fife collision on Wednesday.


    A 9-year-old girl spent weeks with her Girl Scout troop buying presents for two needy families, but the gifts that were collected were crushed and destroyed after a semi crashed into her mother’s vehicle.


    On Wednesday morning, the driver of a semi ran a red light, took out a power pole and hit the van, pinning the vehicle into an office complex.


    The girl and her mother were hurt in the collision, and the girl is currently recovering at the hospital. Police arrested driver of the semi.


    Two needy families with eight children were adopted by the Girl Scout troop through United Way, and the van that was hit was carrying dozens of gifts for the families.


    KIRO 7 Eyewitness News reporter Gary Horcher spoke with the girl’s Girl Scout leader, Kristi Higgins, about the loss of the gifts.


     “In the back of her vehicle was all of the gifts that had been donated by friends, family, co-workers and they’re lost now,” said Higgins. “Coats, shoes, socks, towels, sheets. I mean, just basic everyday necessities that had been collected for these families.”


    Marji Tate, another Girl Scout leader, told KIRO 7 gifts in the vehicle were going to be wrapped on Wednesday evening.


    “Stephanie had all the gifts in her van because she was bringing them home to the troops to wrap. So we were going to wrap and deliver all of these gifts to these families,” said Tate.


    No one has access to the van because the vehicle was impounded after the crash. Police took the van as evidence in a crime scene.


    The troop now has to start over.


    “And we had everything on the list. We had co-workers and friends and families that had been very, very generous in their giving so we had quite the list for them. It was going to be a very happy Christmas,” Tate said.


    Higgins and Tate said the family’s asking for prayers of healing for the young girl, who is still at the hospital. 


    Toy donations to replace the gifts that were lost in the crash can be brought to a drop-off location in Puyallup's  Bradley Lake Park on Saturday, 12:00 - 3:00 p.m. For more information, contact Kristi Higgins at gstroop43602@gmail.com.

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