• Children found home alone surrounded by dirty diapers, filth in Lakewood

    By: John Knicely


    LAKEWOOD, Wash. - A Lakewood father is locked up after his 5-year-old daughter and 3-year-old son were found home alone in an apartment full of dirty diapers, rotten food, and feces.

    Quintin Dublin is now in the Pierce County Jail facing felony charges.

    An alert maintenance worker tipped of police that the kids might be home alone in the unit at 5507 82nd St. Southwest. When they got there Wednesday, police knocked on the door and the children told them their dad was at work and their mom lived far away.

    The situation got even more shocking when police went inside. They say the walls were lined with dirty diapers. Rotten food, feces, and dirty clothes covered the whole apartment.

    Police contacted Dublin at work at Fort Lewis. They say he told them a babysitter was with the kids when he left for work that day. But they say he later admitted leaving the kids home alone Monday and Tuesday.

    "Sometimes late at night you could hear the guy just yelling at the kids," said Brandon Stockton, who lives in the apartment above Dublin's.

    Stockton said he had no idea the conditions were so bad inside the unit. He said he'd reached out to Dublin to help get food for him and the kids.

    "I even offered him to come to (the) trunk or treat we had on base and he didn't come," said Stockton.

    Police say the kids told them they hadn't eaten all day so they took them to the police station and fed them. Police say both kids had head lice.

    When Dublin talked to police, they say he showed no concern for his kids, and instead was more worried about how much prison time he could get.

    Dublin pleaded not guilty Thursday. The recommended sentencing is a year, but the judge can always give more.
    The children are now in protective custody.


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