• Prosecutors: Kirkland woman predicted her murder


    SEATTLE - A man who a Kirkland woman said she believed would be responsible for her death has charged with her murder.

    Amy Gang Hargrove, 28, was found dead in her home January 6. She had been strangled.

    Her former boyfriend, Burrell Michael Cushman, was charged with second-degree murder Tuesday, a source told KIRO 7.

    Cushman is in police custody on an unrelated charge.

    Cushman was questioned by Kirkland police in the days after Hargrove’s body was found.  According to police documents, during that first interview, Cushman admitted to being with Hargrove the weekend she died at her home.

    Cushman told police that he and Hargrove had “argued multiple times because of his ‘wandering eye.’”  He also told police he had wet the bed while sleeping, so he washed the sheets. Cushman told police that when he left Hargrove’s home on the afternoon of Jan. 5, Hargrove “was alive, sitting and smoking marijuana by the slider door and yelling at him.”

    Hargrove had a current domestic violence protection order against Cushman when she was murdered. 

    In her petition, Hargrove wrote “a piece of paper isn’t going to save my life when he finally gets me, but at least you will know who killed me.”

    Hargrove had four children.

    In charging documents, prosecutors note that Cushman made a crying phone call to his the night of Hargrove’s death and that Cushman’s DNA was found on samples from her fingernails.

    Cushman had been a longtime suspect in Hargrove’s murder.

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