• Charge filed against teen in school threat


    SEATTLE - Parker Mace, the 16-year-old boy police said posted an online threat to shoot up Skyline High School, was charged with felony harassment Thursday.


    King County prosecutors said Mace posted the threat regarding the Sammamish school that he used to attend on 4chan.org on Sept. 19.


    Probable cause documents showed the post in its entirety.  It is unedited except for expletives.


    “im tired of the pretentious (expletive) (and life in general) that i have to deal with on a daily basis at my high school. i go to a school called Skyline High in Washington and it has the biggest group of pretentious, smug, and snooty (expletive) ever. tomorrow  I am going to be taking my fathers erma smg (pic related) and I am going to open fire on the people in the commons in the morning until am either taken down by our schools police officer, or until i run out of mags.  i have a separate mag with a few bullets in it that i will use to take my life if I can make it up to that point. the people at that school use their wealth and social status to act superior to others and they think it makes them better.  the biggest offender of that would definitely be the jocks. i am going to start killing them first because they deserve it the most, and they are in the middle of the commons so it would be an ideal place to start, anyways, i just thought id share my story before i go to bed tonight. cant say the fact that im leaving this world tomorrow saddens me at all because ill be doing it with a good cause.  these kids dont deserve the lives they have been given, and tomorrow ill make sure that they wont ever abuse them again.”


    A photo of a Thompson machine gun accompanied the post.


    Police said emergency dispatchers received 274 calls regarding the post within three hours.  Some calls came from as far as Hawaii, Florida, Oregon and San Diego.


    Police said tips and interviews led them to Mace, and a forensic search of computers and cellphones at his home revealed digital evidence that connected him to the threat.


    Mace is also suspected of being responsible for a similar threat posted about Meadowdale High School in the spring.

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