• Chanel suing Spanaway website for selling counterfeit products

    By: Kevin McCarty


    Spanaway, Wash. - A Spanaway based online business is being sued by international fashion giant Chanel for selling counterfeit products. The lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Tacoma accuses owner Kelly Brennan of selling knock offs at extreme discounts in violation of their trademark. The suit states Kelly’s Cases is selling items, “of a quality substantially different than that of Chanel's genuine goods."

    Kelly’s Cases advertises purses at around $130. An authentic Chanel purse retails online for more than $6,000. The site offers a range of items from Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Coach and other high-end retailers.  The business is based in a duplex in Spanaway. University Place trademark attorney George Leone said while a business like Brennan’s has virtually no impact on Chanel’s bottom line, the company has to go after suspected counterfeiters.

    “It’s like a prairie fire,” said Leone. “If you don’t stop her then other people will start doing it.”

    KIRO 7 went to Brennan’s address in Spanaway to ask about the lawsuit and her business. No one answered the door.

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