• Challenger takes commanding lead in Seattle mayor's race

    By: Essex Porter


    SEATTLE - While there are more votes to be counted, State Senator Ed Murray comes out of election night with a commanding lead and declaring victory.

    Ed Murray accepted congratulations from former Governor Chris Gregoire, but it seemed to take a while for him to warm up to his 13-point margin over incumbent Mike McGinn.

    “I believe that we won. I finally do,” Murray said.

    In Murray, Seattle has favored a politician known as pragmatic, patient and progressive.

    Murray supporter Cheryl Stumbo cheered him as, “a builder of consensus, he builds coalitions, he brings people together around issues, and that's what Seattle votes for.”

    That’s how Seattle won the fight to legalize same-sex marriage.

    “Even a few short years ago it would have unimaginable that I would stand before you elected as your next mayor,” Murray told supporters. “And I would stand beside the man I love who I was able to marry this summer. Michael Shiosaki.

    Murray faces hiring a new Seattle police chief and tackling the city’s transportation and education challenges. “The ultimate test, moral test of a government, is in how it treats those at the dawn of life, those at the twilight of life and those who live in the shadows of life. That will be the moral test of my administration.”

    Now, “It's time to build a new administration and plan a honeymoon,” Murray said. Plus, as leader of the Democrats in the State Senate, Murray will have to be in OIympia later this week. The Governor has called a Special Session to approve incentives to attract Boeing’s latest big project, the 777X.

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