• Catholic students enlist Seahawks fans in battle to bring back vice principal

    By: Chris Legeros


    SEATTLE - Three dozen students from Eastside Catholic School showed up with signs outside CenturyLink field Sunday to accept high fives from Seahawks fans for their battle to bring back a school administrator.

    Senior Julia Burns said, "Our hope is to get Mr. Z back, that's our main concern."

    Mr. Z is Mark Zmuda. He was forced to resign as vice principal of Eastside Catholic last Thursday for marrying another man.

    Sophomore Casey Krueger said, "I think it's time that we change these antiquated views and it's time to change the church."

    Corey Sinser agreed. He graduated from Eastside Catholic in 2006 and said, "Love is love to me, it's all one in the same."

    There have been sit-ins or rallies every day since Mr. Z left. Letters are being written to the Catholic archdiocese and the pope. There's even an online petition, asking the church to change its stand on gay marriage. Thousands of people have signed it. The students are overwhelmed with the response.

    Julia Burns said, "To me that is crazy, I had no idea going to school on Thursday morning that this would turn into this."

     Some realistically admit, they don't have much of a chance of changing centuries of church doctrine. They don't know whether their school will bend on bringing Mr. Z back, but feel it's worth a try.

    Sophomore John Merle said, "I feel that if we all come together on this, we can make a change, cause change has to start with a single person. That person can be Mr. Z."

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