• Cash register robbery suspect caught after receipt trail

    By: Chris Legeros


    The man who police said stole the entire cash register from the Smoke, Beer and More store has been charged with robbery – and police said he left a trailer of paper receipt tape behind him.

    Neighbors described the getaway car and even gave police a license plate number. Officers eventually stopped the car and said suspect Kashif Oyeniyi fled during the stop.

    But he dropped his identification in the process.

    Officers also were able to identify Oyeniyi from the store's surveillance tape and he was arrested hours later when after being spotted on the street. Oyeniyi’s is suspected in three other robberies that happened last Friday: two at 7-Eleven stores and a Safeway.

    Victims gave police similar descriptions of the robber in each case.

    Prosecutor Mark Linquist praised officers saying "their hard work put a quick end to a string of robberies before anyone was seriously hurt."

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