• Casey Kasem's daughter granted visits to ailing father

    By: Chris Legeros


    PORT ORCHARD, Wash. - Quick Facts:

    • Daughter Kerri Kasem granted daily visits to her father
    • Wife Jean Kasem may take husband back to California
    • Hearing for Casey Kasem's guardianship scheduled for next week.

    A judge in Port Orchard has ordered that the daughter of ailing radio personality Casey Kasem be allowed to visit him.

    The ruling Friday was the latest twist in an ongoing dispute between Casey Kasem's wife, Jean, and her stepdaughter, Kerri Kasem over the care of her father.

    The 82-year-old Casey Kasem and his wife have been staying with family friends in Kitsap County.

    Kerri Kasem has a court order in California, which gives her the temporary care of her father.

    Kerri Kasem claims her father’s condition has gone downhill ever since Jean pulled him out of California care facility this month and brought him to Kitsap County. 

    “When he left, he didn’t have an infection. He didn’t have bedsores. He didn’t have a lung infection or a bladder infection,” she said.

    Her attorney told Judge Jennifer Forbes he wanted that order enforced, saying Jean Kasem is trying to evade courts by bringing her husband to Washington.

    Casey Kasem is in poor health. In addtion to dementia, he has bed sores, lung and urinary tract infections and a feeding tube.

    In court Friday Kerri Kasem said she wants 24-hour care for her father.  He has a feeding tube and aspirates. But her stepmother’s attorney said Casey Kasem is not in harm’s way.

    The judge ruled that a doctor will dictate Casey Kasem’s medical care and that Kerry Kasem’s doctor will also be allowed to evaluate her father.

    The judge also ruled that Kerri Kasem will be allowed access to visit her father for an hour a day.

    Each party can bring an investigator or off-duty officer to the visits. Kerri Kasem had asked that someone be allowed to accompany her during the visits for her own protection.

    Kerri Kasem doesn’t think her dad has been properly cared for. Jean Kasem and her daughter, Liberty Kasem, deny that. 

    “These abuse rumors, they’re false. I’m not abusing my dad.  I love my dad, I do honestly.  My mom and I care for him. He’s doing really good in Washington,” Liberty Kasem said outside the Kitsap County Courthouse.

    Both Casey Kasem’s wife and daughter agreed photos taken during the visits and the location of the visits would not be shared with anyone. Kerri Kasem said her father would never want to be seen in his current condition.

    Next Friday her attorney will get the chance to present those arguments in Port Orchard.

    Jean Kasem can now take her husband home to California, but no one is allowed to move him to any other state besides Washington.

    Casey Kasem gained fame with his radio music countdown shows, "American Top 40" and "Casey's Top 40."

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