• Car vandals on the prowl smash dozens of cars in Puyallup

    By: Kevin McCarty


    PUYALLUP, Wash. - Someone is riding around Puyallup smashing car mirrors and windows. And police said they have caused thousands of dollars in damage.

    Julissa Portillo was one of the car owners who woke up Friday to find the mirrors on her car and her boyfriend's car destroyed. She spotted a Puyallup police officer, who told her she wasn't alone. "He's like yeah. I already marked 10 or so in this neighborhood right here," Portillo said.

    Puyallup police said the vandals were spotted driving around a large area of town Wednesday and Thursday nights breaking mirrors and windows with a bat or large pipe. Vandals struck again over the weekend in Puyallup bringing the total number of vehicle damaged to 50.

    “It’s a frustrating crime spree because it’s very quick,” said Puyallup police captain Scott Engle. “Victims are not able to know what’s happened until it’s already done.”

    Police said the car the vandals were in is described as a red sedan. Eyewitnesses reported seeing a white male hanging out the back window and several other people in the car. "We suspect it could be younger folks making poor choices," said Engle.

    But Portillo said those poor choices are costing people like her a lot of money. "I think it's just crazy when people have nothing else better to do in their lives with their time that just ruining other people's days."

     The vandals have hit cars in several different neighborhoods including the city’s southeast side, south hill area and west of the Washington State fairgrounds.



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