Police investigate deadly shootout in Maple Valley

by: Rick Price Updated:


MAPLE VALLEY, Wash. - Bullets ripped through a quiet neighborhood overnight in Maple Valley as a man tried to stop a thief from stealing his pickup truck. It ended with the suspect dead.

911 got the first calls on the attempted truck theft at 12:12 Tuesday morning. The shots, about a dozen in all, happened not long after that.

Deputies say a man and a woman in their 20s came to the neighborhood on Southeast 236th Place in a stolen Honda automobile. They say the man was inside a white pickup truck that had been parked nearby when the owner of the truck confronted him.

The aunt of the pickup owner says she heard several shots-perhaps warning shots-and came out to see if she could help. That seemed to startle the suspect, who started out of the stolen Honda. The aunt says her nephew yelled "Gun" and pushed her out of the way, then started firing. She told reporters she believes her nephew saved her from being shot. The aunt then tried to do CPR on the suspect, but he died at the scene.

The woman accomplice was in the line of fire in the stolen Honda, but also was unhurt. Deputies later arrested her on an unrelated felony burglary warrant. She may face more charges related to the car theft.

Deputies briefly detained the owner of the pickup while they sorted out the details, but later released him.