• Car crashes into Seattle building

    By: Maria Guerrero


    A mangled mess is all that's left of a crash on busy Rainier Avenue South. Onlookers could hardly make out the two cars involved.

    "Wow, it looks terrible. Looks like that car split in half," said Willie Galoia, who worked nearby.

    The Seattle Fire Department said there were two men in the car that caused the crash.

    SFD said they were speeding Southbound on Rainier, lost control, hit a tree, a power pole, then a parked car. A man in his 20s was standing right by the parked car.

    "He was very fortunate. Somehow he was standing in a position where he only suffered some minor injuries," said Lt. Sue Stangl of SFD.

    The speeders weren't so lucky. They're in critical condition.

    But it didn't take long to get them out of the car because it was practically split in half on impact. A man said he was three blocks away when he saw the speeding car engaged in road rage with another driver.

    "They cut each other off so fast, as if they were drugged or drunk or just really mad," said Alverico Sanchez.

    SFD doesn't know if alcohol or drugs were involved.

    Stangl did say the two men were awake and talking as they were being carted off to the hospital. SFD doesn't know if the men were wearing their seat belts.

    The intersection of Rainier Avenue and Andover Street will remain closed for several more hours as Seattle City Light crews fix the damaged power pole.

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