• Car barrels down crowded Capitol Hill sidewalk; Photographer captures it all

    By: Joanna Small


    SEATTLE - A car crashed into a crowd of people on a Capitol Hill sidewalk Saturday night and the driver got away.

    The incident was all caught on camera.  Fortunately, no one was hurt but they were certainly shook up.

    Tim Durkan hopes people will recognize the car in the pictures he snapped.

    "Seven series BMW with a taillight that's out,” he describes, showing KIRO 7 the shots on his camera.

    The professional photographer has spent the last 25 years capturing Broadway's raw nightlife.

    "I grab my camera and come out to the streets and just talk and take pictures,” he explains.

    Durkan knows almost all the people on Broadway, so when someone's reckless sidewalk-driving nearly killed him and some them, he acted fast to catch the culprit.

    "I literally saw him and had a split second to get out of the way. I dropped my sushi, set my camera down,” he told KIRO 7 demonstrating what happened last night. 

    “I was lucky enough to take the picture from right here,” Durkan said.

    Durkan said people scattered. 

    Not only is Broadway a well-traveled street but people walk their dogs there, sleep there, and there are also people with mobility issues. One of them is Kenneth Watkins, who sits on the corner in a wheelchair.

    "I don't have my handy Green Lantern power ring and Spiderman isn't going to work either,” Watkins joked.

    Durkan doesn't have any power but he does have a powerful lens that got a license plate.

    "It may not be today and it may not be tomorrow but people are going to be looking for him and probably have some questions for him,” Durkan said. "I don't take very kindly to some jackass driving up on the corner and scaring a bunch of us.”

    Durkan gave the plate number to Seattle police.  KIRO 7 called Sunday to ask if they found the car.  Police said they received several reports about that vehicle Saturday night including that it struck a tree, but every time they went to the scene the car was already gone.

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