• Burglars target Capitol Hill shops

    By: Natasha Chen


    SEATTLE -  In the past week, burglars have targeted some small, Capitol Hill businesses, and in one case burglarized the same business twice.

    Workers at Cone and Steiner General Store on 19th Avenue East found a glass window broken on Friday morning, June 13, then discovered a cash box and work laptop stolen.

    “(We) thought that was the end of it, thought that was an isolated incident. It’s really too bad, we’re not a chain. It sucks that this happened to us,” said Evan Puckett, an employee.

    Exactly one week later, staff members found a different piece of glass broken and this time, burglars took the entire safe.

    Puckett said the burglars caused several thousand dollars in damage and stolen goods.

    “It sounds like something’s going on in the neighborhood,” he said.

    On the morning of the first incident, a similar break-in happened at Shop Rite, less than one mile away.

    Surveillance video showed a burglar breaking their glass door at about 5:30 a.m. June 13th.

    A man can be seen first looking in at the items in the store then throwing a rock to break the glass. In the video, he tried to reach through the broken glass to open the door, but was unsuccessful.

    A Seattle police report states a passer-by heard the sound of the broken glass and told a nearby coffee shop barista, who called 911.

    Police said they cannot confirm the June 13th incidents were linked.

    On June 14, staff at Holy Smoke on Olive Way discovered their window broken.

    “Well, you’re angry first. They broke your window. Then you wonder why,” said Anthony Dell, a friend of the owner.

    Dell said he’s upset at the targeted businesses all being small, independent stores. He also said he’s shocked that no one saw and reported the break-in at their shop, since there are people typically out on the streets in the early morning hours.

    “People look out for everything normally. So this is truly out of character,” Dell said.

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