• Candidates for mayor highlight each other's weaknesses

    By: Essex Porter


    The candidates for Mayor clash on the final day before the election aiming to highlight what they see as their opponent's weaknesses.

    Challenger State Senator Ed Murray says Mayor Mike McGinn has not made fighting crime a priority. And King County Sheriff John Urquhart has endorsed Murray.

    "We have to reduce the fear of crime in Seattle and that's why I've endorsed Ed and I think he's going to make a great mayor."

    Citing a previous search for a new police chief, Murray says that he would do a better job of finding the next police chief.

    "The mayor had an opportunity, most of the candidates withdrew, I don't think that he would attract a pool of candidates we need to find the best person to actually change our police department," Murray said.

    The mayor rejected Murray's criticism, "There's no evidence to show that he would be any better at hiring a chief because he's never had any executive experience."

    And McGinn reminded reporters of a controversy involving his opponent. Comcast cable has contributing money to support Murray, allegedly in hopes of derailing McGinn's plan to bring more high speed internet to Seattle. "This is what he's trying to do he's trying to change the topic from the fact that he's just been exposed in the last week as an old school politician, said McGinn.

    Our exclusive KIRO-7 poll showed the Mayor's Race close, with a lot of undecided voters going into the final days.


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