• Ed Murray says skills learned as senator will aid him as Seattle mayor

    By: Essex Porter


    SEATTLE - State Senator Ed Murray is best known for leading the long battle to legalize same-sex marriage in Washington state. He says the collaborative skills that brought him success there, will make him a good Seattle mayor.

     “That's how you get legislation passed, Murray says, “that's how you move transportation forward, that's how you reform the police department.”

     On public safety, Murray promises to expand neighborhood policing.

      “You need to have a mayor who police feel has their back,” Murray says. He also wants to revamp police training.

      “Currently, training goes on in south King County. We need to do more training of our police in an urban atmosphere,” said Murray.

     In the state legislature, Murray helped lead the fight to raise gas taxes for transportation projects like the Highway 99 tunnel.

     As Mayor, he says he’ll scrap the individual traffic plans for cars, transit bicycles and pedestrians and instead create a single, integrated, balanced plan.

     Murray has criticized Mayor McGinn for recommending against letting the developers of a new Whole Foods supermarket buy a city-owned alley. But a new big hotel project planned for downtown Seattle also wants a city-owned alley, and that raises similar questions about how far a mayor should go to push for livable wages.

     “My approach is different, Murray says, “My approach isn't waking up one morning and saying we've got to do this and surprising the city council.”

     Win or lose next Tuesday, Murray will marry his longtime partner, Michael Shiosaki next Saturday.

     “I had no idea that weddings could be so nerve wracking, Murray said, “so I'm probably more nervous about the wedding than I am about the primary.”

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