• Can you identify this Redmond theft suspect?

    By: Casey McNerthney , KIRO 7 staff


    A woman broke into a Redmond gym locker, stole credit cards and used them at places around the city, police said.

    Now they’re hoping the public can help identify her – and the toddler they say she carried on her crime spree.

    The locker theft happened at the Redmond Gold’s Gym on May 29, and the woman also is suspected in a May 9 Redmond vehicle prowl.

    Police initially passed her photos around to other law enforcement agencies, and that usually brings leads in cases where a suspect is wanted for multiple thefts. But no one could identify the woman.

    Redmond police said she rang up nearly $1,000 in fraudulent charges on both stolen credit cards. The woman made trips to Fred Meyer, Bellevue Square, Arby’s, Taco Time and Home Depot.

    “We have video footage of her with a child when she’s using one of the credit cards,” police spokesman Jim Bove said of the young boy she carried. “If people are a victim of something like this, they should cancel their credit card immediately. And usually credit card companies are good about working with people in these cases.”

    Bove said detectives have seen this kind of case before, but those investigations didn’t have surveillance footage that was as clear.

    “It really depends on how they used the credit card and where the cameras are,” he said. “Hopefully we can snag her.”

    Anyone with information is asked to call police or e-mail the case detective at cymin@redmond.gov.

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