• Homeowner's camera catches thief taking package from porch

    By: Linzi Sheldon


    KENT, Wash. - A Kent man is taking matters into his own hands after a thief stole a package from his porch in broad daylight on Friday.

    She walked right in front of his surveillance camera, pulling down a baseball hat to hide her face. 

    "I was just kind of speechless," Wilson Chau said. "My wife was really upset."

    The package contained some curtains for his home. But Chau said he and his wife are angry about what else she took. 

    "What she really stole is just our sense of security," he said, "that feeling of just being able to trust if a package is delivered, nobody's going to take it."

    So Chau decided to fight back. 

    "We just didn't want to just sit down, and just go, 'This happens to everybody,'" he said. 

    He posted the video on YouTube and then KIRO 7 went door to door with him this afternoon as he alerted neighbors and handed out fliers with the woman's picture. 

    "This is terrible," neighbor Erin Swincicki said. "I just can't believe it."

    Police say thefts like this are nothing new during the holidays, when a lot of people are ordering gifts online and having them delivered.

    They suggest that people ask the delivery company to hold a package if no one's home or get their packages delivered to work.

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