• California quake rattles those in Washington with family in Napa Valley

    By: Chris Legeros


    When a powerful earthquake rocked Napa on Sunday, gas lines broke in a mobile home park and four homes burned.

    Firefighters had trouble putting the fire out because water mains also broke, limiting water pressure. 

    Ramona Mowery lives in Bothell, but has a 78-year-old aunt who lives in the Napa park that burned, Claudia Stevenson. 

    Mowery said, “Yeah, I was very worried about her.” 

    Stevenson's mobile home wasn't touched by the fire, but it was pretty much trashed by the earth's movement. 

    Mowery said, “She was really scared and everything just went falling over the place.” 

    There was so much material on the floor of the mobile home that Stevenson needed help getting out of the place safely. 

    Mowery said, “She definitely has angels that watch over her.” 

    Glenda Mitchell lives in Port Orchard. 

    She was worried about her son, Sonny Cunningham and his wife, Alexandra. 

    They both live just south of Napa, in American Canyon.  

    Mitchell was able to reach her son on the phone. 

    She said during the quake, he put his hand on the wall and he could feel the house just trembling. 

    Mitchell said, “He and his wife were pretty scared.  A vase had fallen and pictures had fallen off the walls.”

    The Cunninghams were OK, but Mitchell wasn't happy to see Facebook photos of what happened to a friend's business, BarJea's Body Therapy salon.

    She said, “Everything seemed to have fallen off the shelves, I think her front counter had actually separated.” 

    Mitchell tried to comfort her friend.  She said, “If you didn’t have structural damage and you’re okay, we’re all blessed.”

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