• Businesses see increase in sales with Seahawks winning


    SEATTLE - Local businesses have seen a boost in sales as the Seattle Seahawks continue their winning streak at home.


    Fans shell out hundreds of dollars for a ticket, but they also spend more before and after games.


    Multiple vendors along Occidental Avenue sell $4 hotdogs to $140 clothing items at the shops.


    KIRO 7 Eyewitness News reporter Frank Field spoke with Erick Burkhart, of Jim Thorpe, Penn., who was purchasing Seahawks gear for his son.


    “Since we’re here, might as well take advantage of it. There’s a lot of gear here that you can’t get back in Jim Thorpe. Actually, you can’t get anything back in Jim Thorpe that’s Seahawks-related,” said Burkhart.


    The shops that sell Seahawks gear have been crammed with customers, which means more work for seasonal help.


    “But now, it’s all hands on deck because you don’t know how far they’re going to go. So you keep everybody on staff as long as we’re riding the Seahawks wave,” said Jeff Scoma of SoDo Sports.


    The hotdog vendors outside of CenturyLink Field have seen more customers at their stands when the Seahawks win.


    “If we can win and have another home game, makes a big difference,” said Jeremy Klippenstein of Pioneer Hotdogs.


    Pedicab drivers said they make as much money in one football game as they do in a week during baseball games in the summer.


    “People go out to the bar afterwards, right? So then, they get excited, they want to go out and do some fun stuff, but if it’s raining out and they lose, then everybody goes straight home,” said Garrett Burns of Liberty Pedicabs.


    Merchandise such a Seahawks jerseys will likely continue to sell because the team is in the playoffs. They will not be starting with a home game, which will mean less business for the vendors. 

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