• Burnt teriyaki leaves lasting memory in TV newsroom

    By: Michael Fox


    We’ve all been there.

    Those days when you get up late, you roll into work with disheveled hair and bags under your eyes.

    Then you accidentally spill some coffee on your shirt , the girl in the cube next to you won’t stop yapping about her weekend and your other neighbor Johnny is slapping his gum loud enough to startle a sleeping baby.

    And that’s only the precursor to what is about to happen.

    Your co-worker gets up, stretches his arms, walks over to the community fridge and grabs his teriyaki leftovers to heat up for lunch.

    With the microwave buzzing he returns to his desk to continue working.

    Minute one passes … Mmm, that smells good.

    Then three minutes … I bet that teriyaki is nice and warm.

    Five minutes … Ahh come on,  it’s got to be done.

    It’s not until 7 minutes have gone by that different people start to grumble around the newsroom. One finally yells, “Dude, your lunch is smoking us out! I can hardly breathe.”

    Mr. Co-Worker jumps up and runs over – but it’s too late.

    Our nostrils are destroyed and our are clothes ready for a deep clean.

    We’ve all been there. This particular story from 2009 is still talked about in the KIRO 7 newsroom. To see the aftermath in a SeattleInsider video, click here.

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