• Burglary suspect's hiding spot no match for Guardian One

    By: Gary Horcher


    SEATTLE - Seconds after breaking into a Capitol Hill home, and outrunning six Seattle police officers, the 20-year-old burglary suspect found what might have been the perfect place to hide.

    He’d just climbed a ladder in the dark, and lay motionless on the roof of John Breithaupt’s home. “We never heard him moving up there,” Breithaupt said. “The police officers actually came in here guns drawn and they were looking under the house with their weapons out."

    Meanwhile, the burglar’s body heat was giving him away as a bright light in the darkness. King County’s Guardian One Helicopter spotted him with its infra-red camera, which spotlights anything giving off heat.

    While the officers were searching on the ground, the pilot of Guardian One relayed what he was seeing by radio, while recording video seen on KIRO 7:

    “SPD, I got a person on top of a roof. Yeah, laying on his back, trying to look really small!"

    He jumped to the house south of you! He jumped to the roof! The house south of you!

    He's crossing that roof! Coming down the South side-

    Jumping roofs again--he's now on the next roof! And he's going to jump another roof!”

    43 seconds after Guardian One spotted the burglar; he was forced to surrender to six officers waiting for him—while he was trying to get back on the ground.

    Breithaupt later found rooftop evidence that the burglar was trying to change his appearance, after being seen breaking into a nearby home. “This is the hoodie, that he shucked this off,” Breithaupt said. “So once he gets out of jail maybe he can come back and pick up his hoodie,” He added.

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