• Burglars creep through occupied homes, leave butcher knife behind


    SEATTLE -  


    Burglars broke into at least two homes in a Seattle neighborhood, rummaging through rooms as the occupants were sleeping inside and in one case left behind a disturbing item.


    The burglars broke into the houses, which are across the street from each other, in the University District a few blocks away from the University of Washington campus.


    Victim Veronica Zuccarini and her roommates said they are rattled after two men burglarized their house while they were home.


    “My friend came barging into the room at 6:45 (Tuesday) morning and she was freaking out. She said two black guys came in. They were wearing ski masks,” said Zuccarini.


    Police said two masked men broke in through the kitchen window as a woman was sleeping on the couch.


    When she saw the burglars, she pretended to be asleep.


    Victim Shelby Kavaney said when she arrived home after she was told about the burglary she checked her room.


    “My whole room was torn upside down.  My clothes were thrown everywhere, cupboards were gone through and there was a huge butcher knife left on my bed,” said Kavaney.  “It’s scary to sleep here again.”


    Police took the knife as evidence.


    In that case, the thieves got away with two wallets and an iPhone. Police said the burglars also stole computers from other homes in the neighborhood.


    “This is definitely not OK. I feel like a lot of crimes like this happen around this neighborhood.  We should definitely take more precautions,” said Kavaney.


    The women said they are thankful they were not hurt and asked their landlord to improve security.


    Burglars also broke in to the neighbor's house across the street by cutting the screen and bending it outward.


    “I certainly feel invaded,” said victim Zach Ercolano.


    Ercolano said it appeared the burglars ransacked the house but didn’t take anything.

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