• Burglars busted after leaving fingerprint on iPad

    By: Henry Rosoff


    NEWCASTLE, Wash. - Detectives used a fingerprint found on a stolen iPad to track down two brothers prosecutors said broke into a home earlier this year.

    An alert Mac Store general manager in Kent realized the iPad was stolen.  He contacted the proper owner and police.

    Dave Boyce was stunned when he got the phone call from Mark Kelly.  The iPad was a gift from his son, and although he activated the “stolen iPad” software, he thought he’d never see it again.

    “The gentleman down in Kent, he went above and beyond,” Boyce said. 

    Kelly said it really was Boyce activating the software, that made the difference.  He said Estuardo and Roberto Amado brought the iPad in hoping to have him reset it for them.  When Kelly did, the stolen iPad message popped up.

    When Kelly confronted the brothers they left.  Police recently tracked them down and picked them up.  They’re facing burglary and possession of stolen property charges.

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