• Burglars break into dead woman's home, leaving her children with nothing

    By: Maria Guerrero


    PIERCE COUNTY, Wash. - Two Pierce County children were planning their mother’s funeral when burglars broke into their home.

    Now those two brothers are left with nothing -- as they mourn the death of their mother.

    The Spanaway family is devastated and pleading for those responsible to come forward.

    “You know -- it's one thing after another and I don't think I can take another. Can't take anymore," said an emotional Carolyn Sturtz.

    Sturtz and her grandsons haven't even buried her daughter and their single mother, Sandra, who died suddenly the day before Thanksgiving after suffering medical problems, but they have just been dealt another blow.

    "There is nothing left in this house for these boys. Absolutely nothing," said Sturtz through tears.

    Sturtz and the boys, one 13 and one special needs 20-year-old, came to check on Sandra's home after making funeral arraignments, only to find the house on 218th Street Court East in Spanaway was trashed.

    Electronics, heaters, a television, and her daughter's dolphin figurine collection were all gone.

    And that wasn’t all.

    "Somebody has robbed us and taken everything. They took the dogs. They took everything," said Sturtz.

    Two dogs -- a boxer mix and a pug which Sandra's special needs son, Jordan Hoskins depends on -- were also stolen.

    "What kind of person would break into someone's dead, a dead person's home and steal all their valuables, even their dogs and dog food? It's just not right," said Hoskins.

    The family thinks the burglars backed a truck along the house then took down a fence to get into the house.

    One next door neighbor told KIRO 7 they didn’t hear anything.

    The family thinks the break-in happened between 2:30 p.m. on Thursday and 5:00 p.m. on Friday.

    The family in mourning is asking for just one thing.

    "Whoever's out there, whoever took those animals -- then just please return them," said Sturtz.

    The family has set up a donation account at local Key Bank locations.

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